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Agata Zejfer

Are You a Cosmetologist/Beautician? Do You love your job and would like to keep improving in this profession? That’s perfect!

My name is Agata Zejfer. In 2015 I graduated with a master degree in cosmetology at the Medical University in Poznań, in 2020 I also graduated in clinical psychology at USWPS in Sopot. Since 5 years I have been making individual practises which allows me to go deep into cosmetologist and trycholog analyst profession.

Why is it worth it to participate in my courses?

  1. Cosmetology is my passion. I spent thousands of hours on education starting from university, by training from: cosmetics, dietetics, functional medicine or medical analyst. In 2020 I extended my experience by adding competences in psychology of health. This knowledge I would like to share and build with society which treats cosmetology as an interdisciplinary function. That’s my life role.
  2. I’m a practitioner. Every month in my office there are almost a hundred patients with whom I’m working on achieving long term skin improvement. Inflammations, acne, discoloration, atopy, hair loss is the most typical problem against which I’m working. By using my knowledge and experience I created my personal strategists/techniques of curation which the results are making me and my patients happy.
  3. I’m focusing on long term effects, not a short time curation. I work in a comprehensive way changing homecare clients and adding indispensable supplementation and creating Beauty Plans. I know there’s no shortcut way and making a single treatment or changing cream won’t give us long term skin improvement.
  4. I know how to motivate people. Psychoeducation and customer support elements are for me as important as treatments/curations. Studying psychology i learnt techniques which i’m sharing to make patients not only start therapy but also finishing it changing their skin condition and life comfort. I believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way!
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